100 Mistakes in Dog Training

100 Mistakes in Dog Training

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There are a lot of books about dogs and dog training. Due to the extensive supply, dog owners and potential puppy buyers are often overwhelmed. This practical guidebook should help you out! By addressing a€˜100 mistakesa€™, the author has made it his task cover all the questions and problems a dog owner might come across in the course of time. In simple words, with practical examples and a tad of humor, mistakes are cleared up and training tips are explained. This book is perfect for you, if you: would like to purchase your own puppy, have problems with your dog, are suspicious of some recommended training methods, are confused about contradictory a€˜pieces of advicea€™, want to house-train your puppy, want to get your dog to give up barking, would like to understand your dog, are allergic to dogs, have questions about the appropriate diet for dogs, walking your dog on a leash, sterilization/castration, or the relationship between children and dogs. This guidebook will also cover issues that are neglected by most dog guides: death of a dog, vacation with dogs, insurance for dogs, ethical and moral view on dogs. All of those fields are addressed with blunt honesty and openness. The author clearly takes a stand even on delicate subjects (the issue of a€˜fighting dogsa€™, for instance). Did you know that an allergy doesna€™t mean that you need to opt for a poodle, that the B-litter has got nothing to do with a€˜qualitya€™, that a puppy school might as well have negative effects, that a a€˜puppy licensea€™ is just a myth, that eating feces is not a sign of a deficiency, that tugging on the leash, the alpha roll and boarding kennels can have negative consequences, that a human year does not equal seven dog years, that sterilization and castration dona€™t have got anything to do with the gender, that you can get your dog to give up barking with a simple a€˜tricka€™, that a dog liability insurance doesna€™t automatically pay for everything?The somewhat different practical guide to buying a puppy, training and dealing with dogs Mario Sturm. 83. Barking dogs do not bite The idiom a#39;Barking dogs do not bitea#39; can be compared with the phrase a#39;Tough on the outside, soft on theanbsp;...

Title:100 Mistakes in Dog Training
Author:Mario Sturm
Publisher:epubli - 2015-05-08


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