100 More Things You Don't Need a Man For!

100 More Things You Don't Need a Man For!

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Proving that when coaxing, bribing or blackmailing one of the men in yourife to perform those awkward tasks around the house and garden doesn't work, here's somewhere to turn, this book provides women with tips on exteriorome and garden maintenance they can carry out themselves.;Seven succincthapters provide the information needed to get down to some serious exteriorork, which should prove valuable for both everyday use and emergencies.hether you're gazing forlornly at some broken guttering or looking glumlyut at a neglected patio, this book tells you how to repair it. Taking itently at first - just a little light deck chair recovery and a bit of gravelaking - by the end of the book you should find mixing mortar as simple asaking a martini.;Subjects covered include: getting a basic toolkit together;rganizing sheds, garages and basements; roofs, drains, walls and windows;awns, patios and decking; building and repairing fences and gates, plusutting in security; and garden fixtures, furniture and features. And, inally, if a task's so big you really do have to call in the experts, theA. LOOSE. SLATE. A slate may work itself loose due to a break or crack, or perhaps the fixing nails have corroded, allowing it to slip. ... lead or sine strip nails new slate REPAIRING A BROKEN TILE A broken or cracked tile may. 60 100 MOREanbsp;...

Title:100 More Things You Don't Need a Man For!
Author:Alison Jenkins
Publisher: - 2003


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