100 Natural Remedies for Your Child

100 Natural Remedies for Your Child

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Americans spend $34 billion dollars annually on alternative medical therapies and products. Not only are we seeking out natural remedies for ourselves--increasingly, we're also looking for ways to cut down on the amount of medication given to our children. In 100 Natural Remedies for Your Child, natural pediatric expert Dr. Jared Skowron shows parents how to prevent and treat their children's illnesses, from common ailments such as upset stomach, headaches, and minor infections to more serious problems like food allergies, diabetes, and asthma. While there is a time and place for conventional medicine, natural solutions, especially dietary ones, can be effective strategies for treating many of our children's ailments. 100 Natural Remedies for Your Child includes: FOODS THAT HEAL: Dietary change is the core lifestyle modification in naturopathic medical practice. Dr. Skowron shows parents the power of nutrition and reveals how foods can help prevent and treat disease. TOXIC DETOX: From pesticides to plastics, natural medicine offers safe and proven methods for removing environmental toxins from our children's bodies. SUPPLEMENTATION: Parents will learn which supplements are helpful for alleviating symptoms or preventing illness and what dosages are safe and effective. ALTERNATIVE REMEDIES: Instead of heading to the drugstore for an over-the-counter remedy when their child is ill, parents will learn how to use homeopathic remedies that save money and heal their child naturally.The sinus wash should be saline water (mix warm tap water with sea, pickling, or canning salt, not table salt, and baking soda), ... It will dissolve the mucus and make it drain out of the nose more easily. ... One study compared the effectiveness of two different concentrations of salt in a nasal lavage solution used by childrenanbsp;...

Title:100 Natural Remedies for Your Child
Author:Jared M. Skowron
Publisher:Rodale - 2011-08-02


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