100+ Questions and Answers about Fasting

100+ Questions and Answers about Fasting

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The following book has been put together in an easy to understand Question and Answer format so the reader can clearly understand the answers to issues they may have. The legal rulings have all been verified by a qualified Islamic Scholar, Shaykh Atabel Nasafi who specialises in the area of Fiqh and Aqeedah. The goal was to have an authentic set of rulings taken from established classical sources. In this pursuit the rulings have been compiled from a collection of the most authentic and classical works, such Mukhtasar Quduri by Imam Qaduri, and Al-Hidayah by al-Marghinani amongst others. The legal school of thought adopted for the fiqh rulings is from the most widespread and oldest school, that of the Hanafi Madhab.QUESTION: Yusuf makeshis intention for fasting at 9am in the morning andthen intentionally eats, will the expiation be necessary? ANSWER: The expiation will be not be necessary as the scholars disagreewith regards to the validityofmaking anbsp;...

Title:100+ Questions and Answers about Fasting
Author:Adam Z.U. Dean
Publisher:ScribeDigital.com -


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