1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know

1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know

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Bird watching is one of the most popular hobbies in America, and 1, 001 Secrets Every Bird Watcher Should Know is the first photographic guide and fact book written in a humorous conversational tone that appeals to every age and skill level. Replete with sound information, 1, 001 Secrets will expose many birding myths: a bald eagle cannot carry off a four-month old baby, and crows do not go sledding for fun. This accessible guide includes fun facts, such as where certain birds got their names, how birds eat, how they find a life partner, and how they build a home for the chicks. Other useful information includes identification tips, migration patterns, and where the best birding vacation spots are. Packed with full-color photos, 1, 001 Secrets Every Bird Watcher Should Know is a fun, informative read for every bird watcher.Both red-winged blackbirds and robins give a distinct high-pitch whistle when a Coopera#39;s hawk or sharp-shinned hawk has been seen. ... BIRDS. ATTACKING. MY. WINDOWS? We love to watch the birds from our windows, yet those very things are a huge contributing factor to ... When this begins, ita#39;s incredibly hard to stop.

Title:1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know
Author:Sharon Stiteler
Publisher:Running Press - 2013-04-30


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