1001 Ways to Take Initiative at Work

1001 Ways to Take Initiative at Work

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1001 WAYS to Take Initiative at Work is about managing up--about employees taking ownership of their jobs, whether it's an assistant working for a manager or a VP working for the CEO. Third in the 1001 Ways series by bestselling business writer Bob Nelson, whose 1001 Ways to Reward Employees and 1001 Ways to Energize Employees have over 900, 000 copies in print, TAKE INITIATIVE is the first management book for employees. Weaving together case studies, examples, quotes, research highlights, and the author's own qTool Boxq of management techniques and exercises, this practical handbook will show every reader how to develop self-leadership, set goals, create learning opportunities, take risks, build a team, sell ideas, and work both within and outside the larger organization. Taking initiative is about a former secretary at Johnsonville Foods who originated and now runs the company's thriving mail-order business. It's about a technical writer who created Xerox's popular qwebmasterq website. And it's about you. As Bob Nelson proves, employees have much more power than they think--taking initiative is how to harness that power and reap its rewards. By the bestselling author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees and 1001 Ways to Energize Employees, with over 900, 000 copies in print.the idea that the company should offer its products by mail order and presented it to her boss. ... for the city of Longview, Texas, refuses to get caught up in the bureaucratic red tape that hamstrings many public entities. ... Center of Dallas, Texas, and a full-time paramedic and firefighter for the city Be Proactive, Not Reactive Do it now! Make a list of the excuses you use to avoid taking action on the job.

Title:1001 Ways to Take Initiative at Work
Author:Bob Nelson
Publisher:Workman Publishing - 1999-10-01


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