101 Ethical Dilemmas

101 Ethical Dilemmas

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Will meat eaters get into heaven? Do trees have rights? Is it ever right to design a baby? What would you do? Would you always do the right thing? Is there a right thing? In this second edition of his thought-provoking and highly engaging introduction to ethics, Martin Cohen brings us eleven brand new ethical dilemmas including: The Dodgy Donor Clinic The Famous Footbridge Dilemma The Human Canonball. From overcrowded lifeboats to the censor's pen, Martin Cohen's stimulating and amusing dilemmas reveal the subtleties, complexities and contradictions that make up the rich tapestry of ethics. From DIY babies and breeding experiments to 'Twinkies courtroom drama' and Newgate Prison, there is a dilemma for everyone. This book may not help you become a good person, but at least you will have had a good think about it.Martin Cohen. D i l e m m a 2 5 G e t t i n g h o t t e r Still, someoftheothersare not sosure.MadDog, the groupa#39;s de facto ... equivalent of the a#39;philosophersa#39; stonea#39;: ITISONLYTHROUGHVIOLENCE THATTHESYSTEMCANBE CHANGED. ... The bombs use a battery to start a small smouldering blaze. ... The tallyisa hugebill in repairs for thecorporation, but sixprominent STUMP campaigners are in prison.

Title:101 Ethical Dilemmas
Author:Martin Cohen
Publisher:Routledge - 2007-03-12


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