101 Fitness Myths

101 Fitness Myths

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From celebrity personal trainer a New York University professor Maik Wiedenbach, 101 FITNESS MYTHS cuts to the truth about the popular fitness fads and false information that have been misguiding athletes from getting visible and lasting results from their workouts and diets. 101 FITNESS MYTHS tackles common fitness myths that youa€™ve heard of such as: a€œYou can reduce body fat in a spota€, a€œWomen should not lift weights because it will make them bulkya€, a€œFat burners will get me leana€, and a€œSteroid replacements are just as good as steroids.a€ Through the e-book, Maik skillfully provides you with the scientific knowledge and proper skills necessary to successfully achieve your dream body.Alcohol is one ofthe biggest monkey wrenches you can throw at your system. It derails your muscle building and fat burning train on several counts. First, alcohol delivers a lot of ... As long as Mr. Obamaa#39;s motorcade is on the highway, no other car will drive there. The same holds true for ... Stay away from high sugar content mixed drinks and limit your consumption to two drinks. Always have a glass ofanbsp;...

Title:101 Fitness Myths
Author:Maik Wiedenbach
Publisher:Maik Wiedenbach - 2014-07-15


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