101 Secrets a Cool Mom Knows

101 Secrets a Cool Mom Knows

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As a mother today, you're as likely as any dad to teach your kids how to pitch a tent, kick a soccer ball, or fix a broken bicycle chain. In a word, you're what your kids call qcool.q But with your 24/7 schedule, you can always use extra help. That's why this book was written - to give you (or any dad, grandmother, or grandfather) more qCool Mom secretsq to pass along to the next generation. Cool Mom secrets are solutions that work. They go straight to the heart of whatever problem a child might encounter to solve it quickly and effectively, no nonsense, no fuss. And at the same time the child is learning a handy new skill, he or she is also learning a deeper life lesson about perseverence, patience, honesty, or courage. Using Cool Mom secrets, you can teach a child... How to Use Chopsticks How to Throw a Spiral Pass How to See Better in the Dark How to qCatchq a Falling Star How to Spin a Basketball on One Finger How to Make the World's Best Caramel Corn How to Cruise on a Skateboard How to Identify a Poisonous Spider How to Hang a Spoon on Your Nose How to Crack an Egg with One Hand How to Weigh a Cloud ...and 90 other ageless, practical lessons. Years later, whenever your child uses any of these skills, he or she will proudly say, qMy mom taught me that.qNow, is that cool, or what?But do it right. Some kids can wow their friends with flashy tricks like aquot;walk the dog, aquot; aquot;skin the cat, aquot; and aquot;rock the baby. ... that your kida#39;s yo-yo be able to sleep well because nine in ten flashy yo-yo tricks involve throwing a wicked sleeper.

Title:101 Secrets a Cool Mom Knows
Author:Sue Ellin Browder, Walter Browder
Publisher:Thomas Nelson - 2003


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