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Twenty-three year old Noah Tass, like most ordinary Americans, was trying in the midst of all of the chaos, corruption and incompetence, to just live life , have his little piece of the pie and a few laughs along the way. He thought he had conquered the main obstacle to his happiness by escaping his home town in the hayseed heartland of America, the little blackhead on the face of America where he had grown up and spent most of his life. Little did he know that taking this simple step would send him tumbling into the vortex of events unfolding in an America that was broken and sure to make things worse by trying to fix it.Onstage she played acoustic guitar and mandolin, but her serious musical study, which started when she was four and continued ... Often after restoring them, she donated them to local schools. She also did maintenance and repair on banjos, lutes, zithers, ukuleles, and harps, generating more than enough income to keep anbsp;...

Author:John Rachel
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2012-03-01


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