180 Kitchen: 180 Tips, Recipes and More

180 Kitchen: 180 Tips, Recipes and More

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In this eBook, author and independent researcher Matt Stone shares all of the secrets from seven years as a chef at the top of the culinary industry, translating it into a comprehensive healthy eating guide a€“ based on knowledge gleaned from his independent investigation into human health. From staples as basic as mashed potatoes and chicken salad to classic French sauces and nouveau sashimi creations, 180 Kitchen covers an extensively broad spectrum of topics in great detail. And 180 Kitchen is far more than a simple collection of recipes. Stone is a firm believer that fundamental kitchen skills and technique are of primary importance. Recipes are secondary, a guideline at best a€“ and all cookbooks belong a€œon the bookshelf, not in the kitchen.a€ With everything from tutorials on knife use to 7-day menus and shopping lists, 180 Kitchen is the perfect companion to any 180DegreeHealth eBook a€“ a must have in your 180 collection.Although Ia#39;d like to go over the basics of cleaning squid by hand, thata#39;s probably not possible to do in words. Youa#39;ve got to ... But you dona#39;t have to deep-fry calamari for it to be good. It can be ... How long does it take to cook calamari? How doanbsp;...

Title:180 Kitchen: 180 Tips, Recipes and More
Author:Matt Stone
Publisher:Matt Stone -


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