2 Books in 1: Makeover Your Makeup, Life Goals & Career

2 Books in 1: Makeover Your Makeup, Life Goals & Career

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Whata€™s better than one amazing lifestyle advice book? A second one included, all about makeup, for a cheaper discounted rate than buying them separately! First, read Keli Lenfielda€™s a€œEveryone Is A Supermodel.a€ A womana€™s a€“ or mana€™s a€“ total package isna€™t only about what you look like. Keli Lenineld learned this lesson firsthand when her Paris modelling agent placed her on an unhealthy diet of orange juice and water. Since then, she has fought to make a€œdieta€ a naughty word in her vocabulary and yours. a€œFor whatever reason, we all have something about ourselves we don't like. I figure this is one of the cons of being part of the human race, a€ she writes in her first book, Everyone Is A Supermodel: Secrets For Any Career Based On My Modelling Experiences. a€œHow we were born gets painted, prodded, wax, buffed and injected to either look like someone else or believe we will be happier when we look in the mirror.a€ But there is more to making it in life than a body confidence pep talk. You need to impress a potential boss, prepare a positive social media image, craft an impeccable resume and nail a job interview. Then, Nicole Russin-McFarland walks you through makeup tips she learned from modelling in the beauty sector and, in the past, hiring makeup artists to teach her the tricks of the trade when she wanted to do her own makeup. In contrast to other makeup guides, a€œBeauty Is Not In The Eye of The Beholdera€ is an honest discussion about what makeup can and cannot do.But youa#39;ll take what you learned from the model leaning back in the chair ever so slightly so her legs look thinner. You can see which ... I digitally save pictures I love in order to reference them when I get confused. Ia#39;ll use them for work or for myanbsp;...

Title:2 Books in 1: Makeover Your Makeup, Life Goals & Career
Author:Keli Lenfield, Nicole Russin-McFarland
Publisher:Lucky Pineapple Books - 2015-05-12


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