2000 Weddings but no funerals!

2000 Weddings but no funerals!

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The anecdotes portrayed in this publication are the outcome of many years of dedicated service to the photographic industry, in particular the wedding sector. Some stories will tease the mind but they are all of a very true nature, some going back many years going back only a few. The names have been changed to protect the Guilty. The stories have not. This book is a vivid recollection of the strange and often bizzare things that have happened over the years, some believable and some very hard to swallow but nonetheless true. A few fascinating facts have been thrown in along the way to interest and amuse you. 'Quotes by the famous' 'Bet you didn't know' and 'Snapshots' including 'Funnybits' and 'Trivia'. Also information about matrimony that you probably didn't know featuring various traditions and cultures from around the world. Now sit back and enjoy the experience that has taken over forty years to achieve.... that takes up more room than a Land Rover Discovery. You know she always breast feeds near the supermarket check outsa#39;....thata#39;s them! Ifyou would prefer to sit at a different table thata#39;s not a problem wea#39;ll put Auntie Joan there instead.

Title:2000 Weddings but no funerals!
Author:Les Stubbs& Benjamin J. West
Publisher:Author House - 2011-11-14


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