21st Century Security and CPTED

21st Century Security and CPTED

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Once overlooked as a minor and ineffective tactic in the mitigation and prevention of terrorism and violent crime, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) has undergone dramatic changes since the September 11 attacks. The most up-to-date reevaluation of CPTED since 2000, 21st Century Security and CPTED reflects updates and amendments to the rules for security in the built environment and presents the knowledge and practice of CPTED as applied to todaya€™s world of threats, including street crime, workplace violence, and terrorism. Edited by Americaa€™s premier architect, criminologist, and Certified Protection Professional, and boasting contributions from the worlda€™s top CPTED practitioners, this book represents the first collection of CPTED information to be readily accessible to the architectural and law enforcement communities. Facilitating understanding across fields, it explains the architecture process to security directors and the security design process to architects. Providing step-by-step guidelines for applying real-world concepts, principles, and processes for building security and CPTED, the book starts with the risk threat assessment and considers relevant factors and variables all the way through construction and post-occupancy evaluation. Highly relevant to critical infrastructure protection, the book demonstrates CPTED implementation in high-security environments, as well as public and private sector buildings, parks, ATMs, and schools. It addresses specialization in security system design and planning, crime prevention, blast mitigation, and chemical, biological, and nuclear threat protection. A practical resource and guide for architects, security directors, law enforcement, Homeland Security professionals, and building and property managers, 21st Century Security and CPTED addresses how CPTED is applicable to critical infrastructure protection in the continuing effort for homeland security.When the LOP is defined, the specified countermeasures are priced and again the owner may select appropriate measures depending ... ASIS International publication Protection of Assets (POA) Manual, ASIS International (various contributors), ASIS International, Q2004. ... For.the.time. being, .it.is.important.to. appreciate.the.basics.of.security.design.and.the.elements.that.go.into.mak- ing.a. place.safer.

Title:21st Century Security and CPTED
Author:Randall I. Atlas
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-05-28


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