25 Essential Herbs You Need to Know

25 Essential Herbs You Need to Know

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25 Essential Herbs You Need to Know Table of Contents Introduction Sage a€“ Leaves Mint a€“ Herb a€“ Mentha spicata. Mint Jelly Mint Julep Ginger a€“ Roots Ginger Tips Ginger for Skin Infections Ginger Ale Coriander [Cilantro] - Coriandrum Sativum a€“ leaves, seeds Chives a€“ Allium choenoprasum a€“ leaves Sauce Tartare Lavender Plant Cuttings with Heels Lavender Seeds Lavender Bags Lavender Potpourri Bergamot - Momarda Didyma a€“ leaves, bark and flowers Bergamot Tea Infusion. Dill a€“ Poucedomum Graveolus a€“ Seeds and Leaves Fennel - Foeniculum vulgare a€“ F.officinale a€“ Leaves, Stem And Seed Chamomile Anthemis nobilis a€“ flowers How to Make a Chamomile Lawn Parsley Petroselinum Crispum a€“ Leaves. MaArtre Da€™hAatel Butter Drying Parsley Rosemary a€“ rosemarinus officinalis a€“ whole sprig Hungary Water Rosemary Tea Rosemary Scalp Tonic Thyme a€“ Thymus vulgaris - Leaves Thyme Vinegar Anise Aloe Vera Growing Aloe Vera Aloe Vera for Beauty Face Wash Mixture PH Balanced Skin Toner a€“ Basil - Oscimum basilicum a€“ leaves Basil Vinegar Carraway (Caraway) - Carum carvi - seeds, leaves, root. Chervil - Anthriscus cerefolium a€“ leaves and roots Chervil Vinegar Hyssop a€“ Hyssopus officinalis a€“ young shoots Hyssop Tea. Garlic a€“ Allium sativum a€“ bulb Comfrey - Symphytum caucisicum a€“ leaves Violet a€“ Viola odorata a€“ Leaves And Flowers Violet Cure for Insomnia Violet pudding Marjoram - origamum omits - leaves Tarragon - artemisia dracunculus a€“ leaves. Tarragon Vinegar Angelica - Angelica archangelica a€“ stem Crystallizing Angelica Conclusion Author Bio Introduction Just imagine a world without herbs. You would be flavoring your food with spices or even with natural minerals, because you did not know all about the value of the plant world to make a difference between a bland dish, and a delicious one. Also, just imagine trying to get rid of a cold more than 5000 years ago, by rubbing your face with cold water. Until somebody decided that he was feeling really cold and he needed something hot to drink. So he just put some water on to boil, but because he did not like the taste of bland water, he just added some nice green leaves. Hey, this chance combination turned out to be really tasty. It also happened to cure his cold and made him feel really warm. Believe it or not, most of the herbal lore, which has passed down to us down the ages has been found due to experimentation or by Lucky chances. Also, anything which my goats, sheep, horses and cattle liked may not have suited my innards and vice versa. That is why you do not give your cats and dogs , well spiced food, especially your pizza remains, unless you want them really sick. At that time people did not know much about writing, because we are talking about prehistoric times. However, down the generations, they passed on this knowledge to the people of their tribe. And when they met up with other people of other tribes, they shared this knowledge. This continued some sensible person decided that this knowledge had to be stored up for the use of future generations. And so this compile addition of herbal lore and information was born and the teachers, the wise men helped mankind for ages to come. This included the knowledge of the essential oils in the plants. Basil and mint essential oils are excellent for cooking and in beauty products. Many of the herbs and remedies known to our ancestors have been lost with the passage of time. However, a lot of these remedies are still being rediscovered by chance, or through documents, found in excavations. Many of the plants which were so common during the time of the Pharaohs are now extinct. Nevertheless, their knowledge can be considered to be the basis of modern medical knowledge. They knew all about how to use onions to cure colds, as well as heart diseases. Thanks to the Eber papyri , modern researchers are researching on the benefit of onions to cure heart ailments.You can also bring in some pots of chives indoors in your warm kitchen, where they are going to enjoy the warmth of your windowsill. Chives are in a ... Drying out Chives is almost as a€œbada€ as drying out onions and cilantro. So use them as a anbsp;...

Title:25 Essential Herbs You Need to Know
Author:John Davidson, Dueep J. Singh
Publisher:JD-Biz Corp Publishing - 2013-05-15


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