26 Ways To Screw-Up in Business and How Not To

26 Ways To Screw-Up in Business and How Not To

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26 Ways To Screw-Up in Business and How Not To is a humorous, yet serious, business book. During a span of 50 years, the author discovered that there are 26 business commandments that you should never violate and if you do, ita€™s at your own risk. For example, Commandment # 4: Thou Shall Not Fish For Tunas in a Lake (never put probability before profitability). Commandment #8: Thou Shall Not Sell Texaco-Milk (problem with line-extensions). Commandment #18: Thou Shall Not Look Through a Keyhole With a Glass Eye (test, not guess). For nearly five decades Bill Fawcett has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small-business owners. He is convinced that a€œ96% of business mistakes are a result of breaking one or more of the 26 commandants set forth in this guide-to-success.a€ This book is not about managing people; ita€™s about managing oneself. The number one determinant of your success is you! Youa€™re the quarterback who gets all the glory when you win and all the blame when you lose. What if you could reduce the number of turnovers and interceptions? Wouldna€™t you want to know what mistakes you must avoid? Of course you would! This guide-to-success not only identifies what you must avoid; it offers prescriptions for doing it right.The second key for increasing sales is to use the Russian Doll approach to unpeel the real reason why a person needs to buy your product or service. When travelers go to Russia, one of the souvenirs many people bring home is a Russiananbsp;...

Title:26 Ways To Screw-Up in Business and How Not To
Author:William F. Fawcett
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-08-11


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