30-Day Gluten-Free No-Cooking Diet

30-Day Gluten-Free No-Cooking Diet

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The 30-Day Gluten-Free No Cooking Diet is for adults who want to lose weight and feel better on a healthy gluten-free diet, for adults with gluten sensitivity or a wheat allergy who want to lose weight, and for adults with celiac disease who want to lose weight. The low-Calorie menus assure that you will lose weight, while going gluten free is a bonus that also makes many people feel better while on the diet. This eBook contains two 30-day gluten-free no-cooking diet plans: a 1500-Calorie diet and for even faster weight loss a 1200-Calorie diet. The eBook features off-the-shelf meals available at your supermarket - so there's no cooking! You'll be surprised by not only what you can eat but also by how much you can eat. Both no-cooking diets have 30 days of delicious, fat-melting meals with daily menus. The authors have done all the planning and calorie counting - and made sure the meals are nutritionally sound. The 30-Day No-Cooking Diet contains no gimmicks and makes no outrageous claims. This is another easy-to-follow sensible diet you can trust from NoPaperPress. Most women lose 10 to 15 pounds. Smaller women, older women and less active women might lose a tad less, and larger women, younger women and more active women usually lose more. Most men lose 15 to 20 pounds. Smaller men, older men and inactive men might lose a bit less, and larger men, younger men and more active men often lose much more. TABLE OF CONTENTS - Why Gluten Free? - Is This Diet For You? - Choose Your Calorie Level - Expected Weight Loss - How to Use This eBook - Eat Smart a€“ Gluten Free - Big-Bowl Salad Every Day - About Bread - Substituting Foods - Eat Out Once a Week - Eating Out Challenges - Important Notes - Keeping It Off 1200 Calorie Daily Meal Plans - Days 1 to 5 - Days 6 to 10 - Days 11 to 15 - Days 16 to 20 - Days 21 to 25 - Days 26 to 30 1500 Calorie Daily Meal Plans - Days 1 to 5 - Days 6 to 10 - Days 11 to 15 - Days 16 to 20 - Days 21 to 25 - Days 26 to 30 Appendix A: Gluten Notes Appendix B: Gluten-Free Foods Appendix C: Frozen Entrees - Amy's GF Frozen Entrees - Artisan Bistro GF Frozen Entrees - Smart Ones GF Frozen Entrees Appendix D: Gluten-Free Soup Appendix E: Exercise SmartThe 30-Day Gluten-Free No-Cooking Diet requires bread at about 70 Calories per slice. ... Both foods are complete protein and both contain about 175 Calories . With some ... Nuts and popcorn can be interchanged at will. Specified convenientanbsp;...

Title:30-Day Gluten-Free No-Cooking Diet
Author:Gail Johnson, Ron Hill, Jr
Publisher:NoPaperPress LLC - 2014-04-26


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