300 Sandwiches

300 Sandwiches

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a€œHoney, you are 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring.a€ When New York Post writer Stephanie Smith made a turkey and Swiss on white bread for her boyfriend, Eric (aka E), he took one bite and uttered those now-famous words. While her beaua€™s declaration initially seemed unusual, even antiquated, Stephanie accepted the challenge and got to work. Little did she know she was about to cook up the sexiest and most controversial love story of her generation. 300 Sandwiches is the story of Stephanie and Ea€™s epic journey of bread and betrothal, with a whole loaf of recipes to boot. For Stephanie, a novice in the kitchen, making a sandwicha€”or even 300a€”for E wasna€™t just about getting a ring; it was her way of saying a€œI love youa€ while gaining confidence as a chef. It was about how many breakfast sandwiches they could eat together on future Sunday mornings, how many sa€™mores might follow family snowboarding trips, how many silly fights would end in makeup sandwiches. Suddenly, she saw a lifetime of happiness between those two slices of bread. Not everyone agreed. The media dubbed E a€œthe Interneta€™s Worst Boyfrienda€; bloggers attacked the loving couple for setting back the cause of womena€™s rights; opinions about their romance echoed from as far away as Japan. Soon, Stephanie found her cooking and her relationship under the harsh glare of the spotlight. From culinary twists on peanut butter and jelly to a€œNot Your Mothera€™s Roast Beefa€ spicy French Dip to Chicken and Waffle BLTs, Stephanie shares the creationsa€”including wraps, burritos, paninis, and burgersa€”that ultimately sated Ea€™s palate and won his heart. Part recipe book, part girl-meets-boy memoir, 300 Sandwiches teaches us that true love always wins outa€”one delicious bite at a time.a€œI cana#39;t believe youa#39;re making him three hundred sandwiches. Thata#39;s a lot of sandwiches. Can you eat all of ... I made poached eggs and bacon sandwiches on English muffins for the three of us. E had taught me to poach eggs without thoseanbsp;...

Title:300 Sandwiches
Author:Stephanie Smith
Publisher:Zinc Ink - 2015-05-19


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