365 Reasons To Be A Proud American

365 Reasons To Be A Proud American

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America is the greatest nation on earth, with an unmatched record of creativity, innovation, scientific advances and sporting sensations. This fact-packed, fun-filled jaunt through the year celebrates all the fantastic achievements of Americans and remembers everything that makes ours a country to be proud of. Which country has won the most Olympic Medals and the most Nobel Prizes? Where were jazz, blues, rap, country and western, and hip-hop first played? Who invented the movies, lasers, cell phones, elevators, the computer you're reading this on and, most importantly, earmuffs? Donuts, hamburgers, hot dogs and Coke may not be healthy, but they sure taste good. And it doesna€™t hurt that we produce the worlda€™s highest selling whiskey (Jack Daniela€™s) and have the worlda€™s biggest brewery. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Jesse Owens turned their sports upside down they were so talented. We even came up with a few new ones: basketball, snowboarding, volleyball, surfing, skateboarding and Frisbee. Who put man on the moon? You know damn well who. This book tells you the true story behind a fantastic American achievement for every day of the year, and adds a little bit of humor as well. So let the following pages fire up your heart, get your patriota€™s blood pumping and remember that you are a citizen of the land of the free and the home of the brave. You are an American, be proud!Amazing Achievements To Make You Feel Patriotic Every Day Richard Happer. DECEMBER. NOW THEREa#39;S A BRIGHT IDEA Many of our modern electronic marvels owe their existence to the Illinois Central ... AS A ROCKY Movie cameras used to be only able to move on dollies (tracks), cranes or in an operatora#39;s hands, which led to a very shaky shot. Then cameraman Garrett Brown from New Jersey put a counterweight, armature and gimbal on a camera and created the Steadicam.

Title:365 Reasons To Be A Proud American
Author:Richard Happer
Publisher:JonesCat Publishing Ltd - 2014-11-19


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