365 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

365 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

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An apple a day doesna€™t just keep the doctor away, it can also improve memory. From eating the right foods to knowing the right exercises, becoming smarter isna€™t always about textbooks and tests. With this practical, interactive guide, you can amp up your IQ in no time! Filled with 365 tips and tricks to better the brain, youa€™ll learn that: Gingko Biloba increases blood flow to the brain; learning a new language improves brain function; classical music will help your problem-solving abilities; sitting up straight doesna€™t just elevate your body, it improves your thinking process; taking a brisk walk builds a better connection between brain cells; eating at least one cup of blueberries a day reduces the effects of Alzheimera€™s disease or dementia; and other brain boosting facts! This book is all thata€™s needed for smarter living - starting now.Potassium is an electrolyte that works closely with its counterparts, chloride and sodium. Over 95 percent of potassium is in the bodya#39;s cells and helps regulate the flow of fluids and minerals in and out ofthe bodya#39;s cells. It also helps maintain anbsp;...

Title:365 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power
Author:Carolyn Dean, Valentine Dmitriev
Publisher:Adams Media - 2008-12-17


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