39 Days

39 Days

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EVERY COP HAS ONE LASTING MEMORY . . . EVERY JUDGE HAS ONE LASTING REGRET Officer Dennis Patrick assumes that tonight is just like every other Friday night, as he cruises by the regular teen hang-outs, making sure the residents of Pico Rivera, California are safe. However, when he pulls into Oyster Park, he realizes that tonight is not like any he has ever experienced. What he first hears, and then sees, will change his career forever. Hector Alvarez, a young Hispanic male, has made a series of bad decisions in his life, and in his desire to revenge the recent death of his older brother, makes his worst decision yet. As Hector sits in jail awaiting his trial, he begins to mentally prepare for a long stay in prison. Little does he know that prison would have been his safest bet. Judge Henderson is a trusted and respected Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles County. His friends, his staff, and his family all appreciate his love of the law, and his love for his favorite lunchtime sport - basketball. Henderson is growing frustrated by the lack of rehabilitation that stems from lengthy prison sentences, and the predictability of long-term criminals. While he loves the law, and the people who fight for it, he is beginning to question the very judicial system that he has sworn to uphold. What would happen if one person could be both qjudge and juryq? Who really has the right to decide specific punishment for specific crimes? While you may be surprised by the events that take place in just 39 Days, you'll be even more surprised to hear, that they are based on a true story.foot-high metal wall, he lifted hard to get her waist up and over the top bar of the structure. Her face banged against the ... He ran back to the black bag that held all the items and retrieved two remaining zip ties and the Taser gun. Returning to anbsp;...

Title:39 Days
Author:Michael Whan
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-09-01


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