40 Tall Tabloid Tales and 4 Super Short Stories

40 Tall Tabloid Tales and 4 Super Short Stories

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Do you like reading those hilarious tabloid qnewsq stories about Aliens, Bigfoot, dumb crooks, super-powered household pets, and qincredible but trueq current event stories from tabloids? Do you also hate all the raunchy pictures, perverted stories, Hollywood gossip, and ads for implants, piercing and psychics? Me too. Instead of paying $3 to wade through all that garbage (that your kids will read also) to get 2 or 3 amusing stories an issue, why not get 40 funny, bite-size tales that can be consumed in a few minutes each? These are laughs you can share with family, friends, and co-workers. Pastor Pete, Sister Sally, and even your in-laws won't be embarrassed. The 4 short stories require 10-30 minutes per read. qA Real Life Superheroq is the inspirational account of a kind-hearted loser who always dreamed of being a superhero. Would people ever appreciate his life of good deeds? qNot Just a Catq may be just a tad out there. The protagonist suffers a debilitating on-the-job back injury, which results in lying around the house, and taking pain pills complements of Workman's Compensation. After a few months, he thinks his cat is talking to him. All's well that ends well in this tale of temporary delusional hijacks. qMissy's Bearq is a refreshing (compared to my other stories) bedtime story I made up for my own daughters when they were young. A precocious little girl befriends a talking bear. There you have it folks. 44 original stories to keep you chuckling through the day.Billy Joe Williams, a custodian for Stonewall Jackson High School in Lee, Mississippi, admitted to copying answers from teacher test keys ... Shoot, I coulda been a doctor or something by now, a€ the 10th grade dropout reckoned. ... Sam Hobson, American History teacher, first raised suspicions when his two worst students snapped a three-year a€œFa€ streak with perfect scores on the Mida€”Term Final Exam.

Title:40 Tall Tabloid Tales and 4 Super Short Stories
Author:Scott Ware
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-09


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