40 Weeks

40 Weeks

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This unique inspirational resource features weekly descriptions of your baby's growth and pregnancy specific devotionals to encourage and enlighten even the most experienced mother. Weekly prayer guides support your desire to pray daily for your child, while challenging you to deepen your spiritual life. Supportive suggestions for handling pregnancy symptoms help make the journey from qexpectingq to qmotherq as comfortable as possible. This is the pregnancy guide no Christian should be without.This is normal, and to be expected since your baby is now about 20.7 inches (46 cm) long and weighs in around 6 pounds ... You will probably start seeing your caregiver once a week until the end of your pregnancy. ... This is partly managed by the skull bones staying separate until after birth. You may be familiar with the a€œ soft spota€ on a babya#39;s head; this is because the bones of the skull are not fused.

Title:40 Weeks
Author:Jennifer Vanderlaan
Publisher:Birthing Naturally - 2005-07-01


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