40 Years of Pulsars

40 Years of Pulsars

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This conference was in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the discovery of radio pulsars in the summer of 1967. The conference highlighted the important discoveries of the last 40 years and addressed the most interesting and topical areas of neutron star astrophysics today. These areas included pulsar searches and timing, accretion and neutron-star recycling, millisecond pulsars in the field and in globular clusters, young neutron stars including magnetars, traditional Crab-like pulsars, and isolated neutron stars, glitches, precession, and nulling, as well as binary pulsars, including the double pulsar, constraints on mass, radius, and equation of state of neutron stars, as well as discussion of new and future instrumentation. The conference was opened by a talk about the discovery of pulsars by Nobel-Prize winner Antony Hewish, and throughout the conference there were brief anecdotal talks from eminent pulsar researchers, giving their personal recollections of important moments in pulsar history.Pulsar death lines/boimdaries for the CR and resonant ICS gap breakdown mechanisms. ... temperature T$ alt; 1; there are no regions of the P-P diagram where vacuum gap pair cascades are possible under these conditions. ... emission mechanism have found that the RICS mechanism can lead to gap breakdown for a wide range of neutron star parameters (see, e.g., Ref. [21]). ... Woods P. M., Thompson C, 2005, in Lewin W. H. G., van der KJis M., eds, Compact Stellar X-ray Sources.

Title:40 Years of Pulsars
Author:C.G. Bassa, Z. Wang
Publisher:Amer Inst of Physics - 2008-03-11


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