4.4bsd User's Reference Manual

4.4bsd User's Reference Manual

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Handy reference documentation for a key variant of the UNIX operating system, including many popular freeware utilities. It covers the final, definitive release of the Berkeley version of UNIX, which has been the basis for many commercial UNIX variants. Useful for Linux, BSDI, and other free UNIX variants.refer prcprocess bibliographic code, bcd, ppt, morse: nologin: politely regular- expression library. expression handlers. ... regexec, regsub, regerror reformat POSIX 1003.2 regcomp, regexec, regerror, regfree: comm: select or join: sigpause:anbsp;...

Title:4.4bsd User's Reference Manual
Author:University of California, Berkeley. Computer Systems Research Group
Publisher:O'Reilly Media - 1994


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