48 Tips Everyone Should Know

48 Tips Everyone Should Know

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48 Tips Everyone Should Know: When It Comes To Protecting Your Computer Did you know that according to the FBI, 57% of computer crimes come from stolen computers? Today we keep our lives on a computer. From email, pictures, movies, music, finances, business plans, employee information to even the kids' book reports. What would you do if this information fell into the wrong hands? Every 6 seconds a personal computer is hacked into. Most consumers as well as businesses do not even know that they are being hacked. Think about it, if you have a virus or spyware on your computer, your anti-virus/spyware will pop up and alert you. If you are being hacked 99% of the firewall software installed on computers will not give you a pop up letting you know you are being hacked. 48 Tips Everyone Should Know, are simple layman tips every computer geek may already know but a non-computer geek may not. This easy to read book is broken down into 3 simple categories, with step by step instructions: 20 Ways to Secure a PC 26 Steps for a Secure Mac How to Secure Your Wireless NetworkUAC a€“ Microsoft introduced UAC, or Universal Account Control, with Windows Vista. ... This idea was fine on paper, but in practice it turned out to be such an enormous and painful annoyance for users that many people simply turned it off, anbsp;...

Title:48 Tips Everyone Should Know
Author:Gregory D. Evans
Publisher:Cyber Crime Media - 2013-02-01


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