50 Years of Humor

50 Years of Humor

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As I get older and reflect back on my time on this earth, it is humorous in some respect that I seem to remember the good times. Moreover, in my case I tend to remember the funny things of even a bad situation. It's like your subconscious blocks out the bad things only letting you remember the pleasant circumstances of even an awful situation. Whatever makes this occurrence happen, in my case I think it is good in that it has provided me with a library of hilarious stories. A good story is like a fine bottle of wine and the key is the aging process. In the case of a story the more aging time the more embellished, embroidered, and simply blown way out of proportion the story becomes, and in my opinion, that is what makes a funny story a hilarious one. Therefore, I have propagated this theory throughout this book. . With all this in mind, I have tried to offer in the following stories the right amount of embellishment that will provide the reader with just enough body to paint the picture, but not too much to bog down the reader to boredom. Now I understand that what is humorous to one person may not be the same to another, but it is obvious to me that just the normal day-to-day events can sometimes be the funniest, and if the person can relate to these events within their own experience then in turn they are really laughing at themselves through someone else's eyes. Therefore, with that idea in mind, I am only asking that you sit back, relax, and enjoy the stories, with one different twist, and that is to laugh at me.I dona#39;t know if youa#39;ve noticed, but I sure have, the way people come in and order their cups of coffee. It doesna#39;t make any difference in gender or age they all seem to have it down, and it goes like this; aquot;Ia#39;d like a double soy latte d, three pumps of haze, with a twist, and ... Just walk into any coffee shop and look at the menu, and there are dozens of different types of coffee mixtures that you can choose.

Title:50 Years of Humor
Author:Ltc James H. Henderson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-08


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