52 School Lunches

52 School Lunches

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Wondering what to send in your childa€™s school lunch box? 52 School Lunches is the perfect solution for the busy mom who wants delicious, nutritious, quick and fun recipes to keep her kids happy and healthy. Full color photography accompanies creative and easy to follow recipes. Laura Torres, a craft magazine editor for more than twenty years, shares her expertise in making delicious, nutritious, quick and fun recipes for kida€™s school lunches. a€œSending your kids to school with a homemade lunch is economical, healthy, and lets you send a little love from home, a€ Torres writes. In the face of busy schedules and the morning rush, though, ita€™s easy to fall into a rut, sending the same old sandwich and apple every day. In 52 School Lunches Torres shares new ideas, twists on old standards, and inspiration for your kidsa€™ lunches. She turns leftovers into lunch, provides some make-ahead recipes, and re-thinks the sandwich. a€œYour kids will eat what you pack, a€ she says, a€œand youa€™ll feel good knowing they have a tasty, healthy meal full of love.a€ 52 School Lunches is the perfect solution for a busy mom to keep her kids happy and healthy and find more time for herself. Recipes and full-color images include: Make Aheads, Leftovers into Lunch, Wraps and Rolls, Sandwiches, No-Prep, Lunches, Salad Stacks, Smoothies, and Playful ideas!... a€œFruitSalsa Rollupa€ a€œHam Wrapa€ a€œCaramel Chocolate Browniesa€ a€œSandwichesa€ a€œ EggSalada€ a€œHomemade Ranch Dipa€ a€œWaffle Sandwicha€ a€œBacon and Lettuce Heart Sandwicha€ a€œVeggie Dipa€ a€œMake Your Own Hoagiea€ a€œMiniHummus Sandwichesa€anbsp;...

Title:52 School Lunches
Author:Laura Torres
Publisher:Familius - 2012-09-15


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