8 Essentials for Following Jesus

8 Essentials for Following Jesus

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Too many Christians are caught up in societya€™s definition of what believers ought to think, say, look like, and act like. Rather, Christians need to get back to what the Bible says about how they should live. 8 Essentials for Following Jesus boils down all the critical facts to eight, destroying all the many distractions, traps, and roadblocks that get in the way of actually living the Christian life. It paints a clear picture of what a Christian lifestyle is from a biblical, not worldly, perspective. Not tied to any denomination, you will learn eight essential, practical, and biblical guidelines to help you deepen your Christian walk based on the acronym D-I-S-C-I-P-L-E. This study guide, complete with questions at the end of each chapter, will deepen your Christian understanding of the Bible and your commitment to following Jesus.How to Walk the Walk not just Talk the Talk Calvin M. Hooper. 1. ... Dictionary. com, Dictionary.com Unabridged, Random House, Inc., s.v., a€œimmovable, a€ http:// dictionary.reference.com/browse/immovable (accessed: January 28, 2011). 5.

Title:8 Essentials for Following Jesus
Author:Calvin M. Hooper
Publisher:Destiny Image Publishers - 2011-06-21


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