88 Chinese Medicine Secrets

88 Chinese Medicine Secrets

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In China, people send greetings by wishing a person a long and healthy life . Our natural state is to be healthy and happy. This includes having a calm mind, a healthy body and emotional resourcefulness. This book reveals the profound, yet simple health maintenance secrets that Chinese medicine has developed over many centuries. These secrets enable you to deal with stress and return to your natural balance. In this book, you will discover guidelines about many aspects of your lifestyle including: * UNDERSTANDING YOUR OWN PARTICULAR CONSTITUTION * EATING WELL FOR YOUR OWN UNIQUE NEEDS * BEING EMOTIONALLY RESILIENT AND USING SETBACKS TO GROW * FINDING THE RIGHT BALANCE BETWEEN WORK, REST AND EXERCISE * RECOGNIZING HOW THE ENVIRONMENT AFFECTS US ALL *By practising these secrets you will learn how to recover the ability to nourish and protect your energy, overcome illness, and feel an easy joy in simply being alive.which of these foods have which taste. Remember that some foods may have more than one taste: How well balanced are the tastes of your food? Which taste doyou eat ... Suggestions for Indira Cut down on the spicy food. Indira uses large anbsp;...

Title:88 Chinese Medicine Secrets
Author:Angela Hicks
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2010-11-26


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