A Baroque Fable

A Baroque Fable

4.11 - 1251 ratings - Source

This novel takes readers on a romp through a fantasyland of star-crossed lovers, bumbling heroes, wicked witches, and dragons (one of whom, our heroine, Esmeralda, started out as a human but got caught up in a witch's curse.) Lighthearted adventure with a seemingly never-ending cast of strange and whimsical characters working at cross-purposes and together creates a world of little consequence and frothy entertainment.a€œI have a lover who would break your skull with one blow should you take liberties with me. ... A skinny page runs ... The pagesays nothing, buthe scampers offinto oneof the gulletlike tunnels as if being swallowed, not quite cringing, butclose enoughto make Princess Felicia almost feel sorry for him. Ifonly hehad some character, she thinks, some strength to give him worth, but shecan perceive none inhim.

Title:A Baroque Fable
Author:Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-11-27


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