A Beautiful Bucket of Bones

A Beautiful Bucket of Bones

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If a moment can be everything, then how can a life be nothing? It was the end of summer in 2006, five years after the best and worst week of Cara Dolorina's life. Her tour of Italy was confirmed; it would take her to some of the most exquisite regions in the world and introduce her to fifty men and women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five. The price was a nonrefundable six thousand dollars, about four months worth of tips from her family's North Beach restaurant. Though scared and sentimental, Cara knew she had no choice but to seek a new way to live. She needed to take a vacation. She needed to make a friend. She needed to find a meaning for her beloved little pain. But first she had to fly from San Francisco to Rome, a journey far more terrifying than the years she spent in solitude. The trip would be a trial, a puzzle for her faith. With courage, wisdom and determination, she would pass and be rewarded with fate and a fresh beginning. With fear, she would fail and endure a tragic death. In the hideous and the horrifying, somehow there is beauty.together at the docks, Alessandro waved them into a speedboat and told them to prepare themselves for one of the most pleasant ... By now, the clouds had purifieda€”making way for sun and warmtha€”but the seas were still choppy from the storms the day had seen. ... When it slapped back down on the water, Cara and Aiden flew from their seats to the floor of the boat where they broke out into hysterics.

Title:A Beautiful Bucket of Bones
Author:M. Luci
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-06


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