A Biblical Perspective on How to Handle Worry and Fear

A Biblical Perspective on How to Handle Worry and Fear

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Throughout our lives, we must face problems of family, human relations, finance, employment, health, aging, safety and security. Do you want to correctly handle the worries and fears resulted from our problems or the possibilities of these problems to occur? Is it your desire to help your family, relatives and friends to solve their worries and fears? Our authors (Cliff Wong and Andrew Kwong) believe that in order to handle our worries and fears properly, we need to apply the principles of the Bible to our lives practically. Are you happy to have a book which helps you to study the Bible and psychology simultaneously? If so, this book is for you. This is the first book of the qAbundant Life Series, q which is also a qbiblical counselingq or qbiblical psychologyq series. This book contains so much profound knowledge on the biblical applications for dealing with worries and fears but we make it simple to read and easy to understand. Cliff Wong, an ordinary person, had so many extraordinary experiences in his life. God has given Cliff wisdom to compose biblical illustrative examples in this book which also make people laugh.Although the present is the aquot;generation of satellite, aquot; it is also the aquot;generation of worry, aquot; because the more advanced ... Whenever a person thinks of how a nation can be completely destroyed by nuclear weapons in a few minutes, how can he/ she not worry? ... Even when a small fire or a minor accident occurs in the subway, there are always people who immediately think of the possibility of terrorism.

Title:A Biblical Perspective on How to Handle Worry and Fear
Author:Cliff Wong, Andrew Kwong
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2010-03-04


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