A Blokes Guide to Cooking

A Blokes Guide to Cooking "The Ultimate Bluffers Guide"

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Blokes in their natural environment have hectic lives, what between Cricket, Baseball, World Cups, World Series, Friday Night Football and Test Matches. Its amazing we have anytime left for work let alone romance or learning how to cook. A Blokes Guide to Cooking The Ultimate Bluffers Guide delves into the world of bluffing to show easy and creative international recipes within the grasps of the common man Bloke. It unravels the whole process from what utensils you need, picking the right menu then all the way to hiding the evidence after cooking to protect the innocent (mainly us). Now this isnt just another heres the recipes and this is what it should look like type of book. It covers all you need to know to get what you want from cooking, which by the way usually doesn't have much to do with just eating. The mere survival of the bloke species could be threatened if the Bloke does not go forth and multiply (or at least get out of the dog house with the Mrss for just being a bloke). The staple diet of meat and 3 veg still has its place in the blokes natural habitat but cooking to impress (see, I told you cooking didnt have much to do with just eating) takes a little bit more contemplation. Especially if you want to be rocketed to legend status, with the latest fling. We are man, we created fire! So we should be able to cook if someone just gives us a few tips, right?Pot Eggs (for pastries) You can do these the day before but just make sure no one eats them before you need them. Once theya#39;re done, theya#39;re done. If you dona#39; t know how to boil an egg just following this link hard boiled eggs Microwaveanbsp;...

Title:A Blokes Guide to Cooking "The Ultimate Bluffers Guide"
Author:Lambert Rowst
Publisher:A Blokes Guide to Cooking - 2008-10


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