A Call From Jersey: A Novel

A Call From Jersey: A Novel

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With A Call From New Jersey Kluge has outdone himself with a long view of the American experience and the steady mutation of the American dream. Set in the1980's it follows the life of Hans Greifinger, a German-American who immigrated to the United States in 1928 and built a life for himself and his son, George, who has adopted the surname Griffin for his nationally-syndicated lackluster travel column.a€œYoua#39;re fine, a€ I reassured her. I held her hands, smiling at her, trying to run off her worries, though I had some worries of my own about this evening. ... A temple door from Thailand, a pair of hardwoodandwicker chairs from the Philippines, a wall full of batiks from ... a€œPeople say, they cana#39;t tell if Ia#39;m just moving in or just moving out.a€ a€œDo you ... a€œI own it.a€ a€œYou and the bank, huh?a€ a€œNo, just me.a€ a€œWhata#39;s it ... a condo?a€ a€œCoop, a€ I said, pouring into four longstemmed champagne glasses. One ofanbsp;...

Title:A Call From Jersey: A Novel
Author:P. F. Kluge
Publisher:The Overlook Press - 2011-11-29


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