A Chef's Guide to Gelling, Thickening, and Emulsifying Agents

A Chef's Guide to Gelling, Thickening, and Emulsifying Agents

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The use of food texturizing agents, such as gels, thickeners, and emulsifiers, has been steadily increasing in the culinary industry. Understanding how to use these texturizing agents is important for chefs of all levels, from professionals to culinary students and amateur cooks. From AlAscia Foundation, the culinary research center driven by famed chef Ferran AdriAn, A Chef's Guide to Gelling, Thickening, and Emulsifying Agents provides a clear and practical guide for any chef who wants to work with these texturing agents. Collaboration between scientists, technicians, and chefs has resulted in unique and creative culinary uses for many commonly available food texturizing agents. The information in this book is a collection of years of culinary scientific research and the experiences of a diverse group of chefs who are eager to share their practical knowledge and recipes. The book discusses more than 20 carefully tested gelling, thickening, foaming, and emulsifying agents. This book presents each texturizing agent in a simple and practical format. For each agent, the book includes a description of its principal characteristics, easy-to-follow instructions for use, helpful handling tips, and a sample recipe. The Annex includes tables listing all of the texturizing agents, summarizing the relative effectiveness of their gelling, thickening, emulsifying, or foaming properties. These tables can be used to compare the agents by category and functionality.Smooth and sticky texture. ... Hard Meringue Texture of a soft meringue that is baked at a very low temperature (about 93AdC/200AdF) for as long as 2 hours, or until com- pletely ... Liquid texture with solid chunks Gel texture in the layer and liquid Spherication Gelled product in with a liquid core and a resistant gel skin. inside.

Title:A Chef's Guide to Gelling, Thickening, and Emulsifying Agents
Author:Alicia Foundation
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-10-24


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