A Choice Theory Approach to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

A Choice Theory Approach to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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Choice Theory takes a look at the abuser/addict's behavior and deals with the client's unhappiness as the cause of their use and reliance on a substance to deal with stress and unwanted emotions. Constant use ultimately leads to eventual dependence as a result of the body's adjustment to living with a drug that is continuously being introduced into the body and brain. Michael emphatically states: qA mental illness? NO! A character disorder? Not a chance! Substance abuse/dependence is no more than an individual's desire to satisfy an uncomfortable situation with a more comfortable state of mind, physically and mentally, and as a result, the body has become accustomed to it and has adjusted to it's prevalence in the body and brain.q The Choice Theory approach deals with creating new or reconnecting relationships with the important people in one's life as well as learning new methods to deal with unhappiness instead of trying to satisfy it with short term pleasure from a drug.You continued to drink/use until your body and mind became dependent upon it. ... a drink or a drug is one more day to add to your sobriety and recovery. Continue to stay in the now and you will soon not have to think about it. Youa#39;ll just do it.

Title:A Choice Theory Approach to Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Author:Michael Rice, Michael Rice Lisac
Publisher:Madeira Publishing Company - 2009-09


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