A Collection of Words from the Roundtable

A Collection of Words from the Roundtable

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A Collection of Words from the Roundtable is an anthology of 39 short stories from ten authors. This collection includes various takes on life, memoirs, happy times, sad times, along with some fun. Members of a seniorsa€™ writing group, they share their experiences of life that literally cover a collective span of almost seven hundred years! From a mothera€™s warm embrace to witnessing German planes attack Belgrade on Easter Sunday 1941 - from a tense armed guardhouse showdown with a military prisoner to remembering goofy friends from third grade - from enjoying the fertile imagination of a little girl to a tragic Christmas Eve fire - from the joys of spirituality and distilled spirits to a good book and the love of the sea, this anthology has something for everyone to enjoy. They just might bring a smile to your lips, or a tear to your eye, the stories within evoke unique perspectives and experiences that just might conjure up similar memories for the reader.My family had a farm in the Catskill Mountains and Dad ran a heavy rope line attached to a hook outside a window connecting it to the barn door. Holding on to that rope was the only way he could get to the barn and care for the live-stock.

Title:A Collection of Words from the Roundtable
Author:The Writers of the Roundtable
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-03-06


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