A Contemporary Cuba Reader

A Contemporary Cuba Reader

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Cuba has undergone dramatic changes since the collapse of European communism. The loss of economic aid and preferential trade with the Soviet Union and other Eastern bloc countries forced the Cuban government to search out new ways of organizing the domestic economy and new commercial relations in an international system dominated by market economies. The resulting economic reforms have reverberated through Cuban society and politics, recreating social inequalities unknown since the 1950s and confronting the political system with unprecedented new challenges. The resulting ferment is increasingly evident in Cuban cultural expression, and the responses to adversity and scarcity have reshaped Cuban social relations. This completely revised and updated edition focuses on Cuba since RaAol Castro took over the countrya€™s leadership in 2006. A Contemporary Cuba Reader brings together the best recent scholarship and writing on Cuban politics, economics, foreign relations, society, and culture in present-day Cuba. Ideally suited for students and general readers seeking to understand this still-contentious and controversial island, the book includes a substantive introduction setting the historical context, as well as part introductions and a chronology. Supplementary resources for students and professors are available here. Contributions by: Carlos Alzugaray Treto, Denise Blum, Philip Brenner, Michael J. Bustamante, Mariela Castro, Soraya M. Castro MariApo, MarAsa Auxiliadora CAcsar, Armando Chaguaceda, Margaret E. Crahan, Simon C. Darnell, Antonio Aja DAsaz, Jorge I. DomAsnguez, MarAsa Isabel DomAsnguez, Tracey Eaton, H. Michael Erisman, Richard E. Feinberg, Reina Fleitas Ruiz, Edmundo GarcAsa, Graciela GonzAilez Olmedo, Conner Gorry, Katrin Hansing, Adrian H. Hearn, Ted A. Henken, Rafael HernAindez, Monica Hirst, Robert Huish, Marguerite Rose JimAcnez, Antoni Kapcia, C. William Keck, Emily J. Kirk, John M. Kirk, Hal Klepak, Sinan Koont, Par Kumaraswami, Saul Landau, William M. LeoGrande, Sandra Levinson, Esteban Morales, Nancy MorejA³n, Blanca MAonster Infante, Armando Nova GonzAilez, Manuel Orozco, Leonardo Padura Fuentes, Omar Everleny PAcrez Villanueva, Philip Peters, Camila PiApeiro Harnecker, Clotilde Proveyer Cervantes, Archibald Ritter, Ana M. Ruiz Aguirre, Daniel Salas GonzAilez, Jorge Mario SAinchez Egozcue, Ann Marie Stock, Julia E. Sweig, Carlos Varela, Sjamme van de Voort, and MarAsa del Carmen Zabala ArgA¼ellesInternet connectivity is a major problem in Cuba, and several enterprising Cubans offered access through their accounts. ... A 1990 VW Jetta, for instance, is offered for 17, 500 CUC, a 2006 Lada is offered for 16, 500 CUC, and a 2009 Mazda 6anbsp;...

Title:A Contemporary Cuba Reader
Author:Philip Brenner, Marguerite Rose Jiménez, John M. Kirk, William M. LeoGrande
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2014-07-07


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