A Continental Plate Boundary

A Continental Plate Boundary

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A Continental Plate Boundary offers in one place the most comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge for researchers and students to learn about the tectonics and plate dynamics of the Pacific-Australian continental plate boundary in South Island and about the application of modern geological and geophysical methods. It examines what happens when convergence and translation occur at a plate boundary by Describing the geological and geophysical signature of a continental transform faua€œ/lig Identifying the diverse vertical and lateral patterns of deformation at the plate boundary; Assessing an apparent seismicity gap on the plate boundary fault and fast-moving plate motions; Comparing this plate boundary to other global convergent continental strike-slip plate boundaries; Documenting the utility of the double-sided, onshore-offshore seismic method for exploration of a narrow continental island; and Providing additional papers presenting previously unpublished results. This volume will prove invaluable for seismologists, tectonophysicists, geodesists and potential-field geophysicists, geologists, geodynamicists, and students of the deformation of tectonic plates.We discuss the possibilities more fully in a review paper in this volume [Savage et all, 2007]. ... The fast polarizations are constant across the region but rotate with increasing strain to become more fault-parallel, reaching 25Ad at the maximum expected ... Karen Fischer allowed us to modify her codes for the splitting calculations. ... Bai, Q., S. J. Mackwell, and D. L. Kohlstedt (1991), High- temperature creep of olivine single crystals, ! , Mechanical results for buffered samples, J. Geophys.

Title:A Continental Plate Boundary
Author:David Okaya, Tim Stern, Fred Davey
Publisher:American Geophysical Union - 2007-01-09


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