A Creative Passion

A Creative Passion

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The specter of anarchism is haunting statist and capitalist culture and politics in the 21st century. Anarchisma€”the idea that people can organize their lives on the basis of justice and equality free from political and economic rulersa€”has provided inspiration for a variety of contemporary social movements. Yet anarchism remains a misunderstood and misrepresented philosophy. A Creative Passion, edited by a longtime anarchist activist and scholar, offers important insights into anarchist cultural practices and worldviews. The classical anarchist Mikhail Bakunin famously proclaimed that the passion for destruction is also a creative passion. Anarchists over the decades have sought to destroy the tyrannical, authoritarian, exploitative, and oppressive aspects of statist and capitalist societies and culture, while creating alternatives based on solidarity, justice, care, and mutual aid. This innovative work provides exciting perspectives on current movements and ideas that seek a world free from authoritarian domination. It will be a welcome resource for students, faculty, artists, and community organizers alike. Chapters examine anarchism and dada, drama and anarchy, eco-anarchism and critiques of capitalist civilization, DIY and anarcho-punk assaults on corporate culture industries, and Wole Soyinkaa€™s anarchism.Unlike Black Flag, however, Crass used their lyrics, packaging and performances as a way to advance an anarchist ... of the punk movement and their vocal advocacy of personal responsibility and self-sufficiency would make an impact on anbsp;...

Title:A Creative Passion
Author:Jeff Shantz
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2010-07-12


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