A Cry for Help

A Cry for Help

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A Cry For Help provides the solution to a very old puzzle. Namely, why is it that millions of people desperate for happiness can't find it in thousands of self-help books? Every one of these books has tools in it that can help you and I make our dreams come true. So what on earth can be wrong? The answer is unbelievably simple, but very difficult to believe. It's this. By far most of us have no idea what our own dreams are. To make our dreams come true after all, we must know what those dreams are first. A Cry For Help reveals that a single sinister fear... of being judged....is keeping our dreams from us, and how to take it away. Once this fear is removed, our dreams flow back into our lives like water, and every single self-help book can help make them real. John Duffield2008, . 4:00. A.M.. Time to start a count-down. Nine days until I pick up my brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. ... I was astonished by zigs and zags and curves and big bulbous machines all tied together by thousands of pipes and wires.

Title:A Cry for Help
Author:John Duffield
Publisher:A Cry For Help - 2009-07-01


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