A Dangerous Inheritance

A Dangerous Inheritance

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HER INHERITANCE CAME WITH AN ENIGMATIC STRANGER A powerful storm delivered heiress Stacy Ashford into the iron-hard embrace of a shadowy stranger, a man as rough-hewn as the craggy Colorado mountains. But their meeting seemed more fate than chance. Gaining her inheritance depended on Stacy's rebuilding the eerie hotel where Josh Spencer's sister had died. And though she shouldn't trust Josh's motives for helping her, his commanding presence kept her strong when someonea€”or somethinga€”tried to scare her off. Then the incidents turned deadlya€b. She was Josh's means to end the search for his sister's killer, and a threat to the posted No Trespassing sign on his heart. But Stacy's inheritance bound them in an ever-tightening coil of dangera€”and what destiny joins, let no man, ghost or killer put asundera€b.She saw the pain in his eyes, and she put a hand on his shoulder. a€œWhat more ... a€œHea#39;s bound to have a desk somewhere, a€ she offered without much conviction. Had someone ... Josha#39;s thoughts were running along the same line. a€œMaybe heanbsp;...

Title:A Dangerous Inheritance
Author:Leona Karr
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-02-15


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