A Day in a Working Life

A Day in a Working Life

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Ideal for high school and college students studying history through the everyday lives of men and women, this book offers intriguing information about the jobs that people have held, from ancient times to the 21st century. a€c Provides detailed, interesting essays describing more than 300 professions and occupations across a broad range of eras, including the 21st century, and from around the world, which will give readers a wider understanding of how people have supported themselves throughout time a€c Supplies historical primary documents that provide personal perspectives on past occupations a€c Offers fascinating information on how professions began, who did them, and continuity in occupations across time, such as that 18th-century journalists were often imprisoned for displeasing those in authority, and yet 21st-century U.S. journalists may still spend time in jail for refusing to reveal their sourcesby boiling the parts of fish that are usually not eaten, like the intestines, fins, and heads, in a mixture of olive oil and herbs ... a number of Americans have established ostrich farms, and the ostrich meat they raise can now be purchased at manyanbsp;...

Title:A Day in a Working Life
Author:Gary Westfahl
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2015-04-21


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