A Deluge of Dolphins

A Deluge of Dolphins

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After having their plans of human enslavement foiled in A Downpour of Apes, the dolphins seem to have rescinded from the limelight. But if supervillain Dr. Malevolenta€™s learned anything from her most recent escapades, ita€™s that dolphins are always scheming, no matter the timeline. She takes it upon herself to outscheme the schemers. But can a single human really outmaneuver super intelligent animals from the far-flung future? Nope. Not at all. When her plans go all sorts of awry, she finds herself dragged into a plot to end all plots: human annihilation. The fate of mankind now rests in the hands of one man, and one man alone: the not-so-heroic Captain Rescue. And all he must do is skip ahead a few million years to stop the dolphins at the source. The flood gets floodilicious in... A Deluge of Dolphinsa€œWea#39;ll get them, dona#39;t you worry!a€ a€œOh yeah?a€ said a voice behind the hero. a€œHow did you plan to pull that off?a€ Captain Rescue opened his mouth to reply, ... There Greg hovered with crossed orange arms. In the back of Captain Rescuea#39;s mind, anbsp;...

Title:A Deluge of Dolphins
Author:Joshua Price
Publisher:Joshua Price - 2013-06-03


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