A Determined Yankee

A Determined Yankee

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The photo on the cover of the book is thoughtful-looking Frank Elliott Sisson II at age nineteen, just prior to his admission to West Point as a new cadet in July 1947. Frank was determined to better himself in spite of the fact that the family simply did not have money to further his college education. He was determined to take care of this challenge by himself. Although Frank came from a family that was well-known by its accomplishments during the Civil War years, Franka€™s father died in late 1940, when Frank was thirteen years old, and with four children to support by his widowed mother, there was little extra money to provide for more than basic needs of the family. The book tells the rest of the story which encompasses many exciting adventures in growing up, and later on, military and private life challenges. Along with the challenges were the many travels along the way that took Frank to many different cities and schools around the country while he was growing up, as well as many countries around the world during his later years. In spite of these challenges and travels, Frank was always the gentleman and representative of Christian morals, honorable dealings, and high-minded ethics. He founded an aviation marketing company from scratch that became quite successful and demonstrated his skill in business management. He was a product of a West Point education that molded his life to be a role model for people who knew him. You will find the story fascinating, fast-moving, and exciting.Itonly tooktwo days for me to make thetrip as Ispent thefirst night in Indianapolis, and the second in Wichita, two long driving ... This place, The Lodge, was not necessarily on the bottom of the list of choices, but itwas near the bottom.It was an apartment complex with some people staying for a short time, and some longer.

Title:A Determined Yankee
Author:Frank Elliott Sisson II
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-10-30


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