A Devils Story as told to Norm

A Devils Story as told to Norm

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Life is not easy in these last days. When you need help, nothing or nobody is willing to come along side of you. The 948 have build a brick fortress around you life, so you dis-spare and hate the very day you were born. I call it sin justice. They will create so many hurts in your life it seems to you that it is just not worth living. They will bring you to point that you will not know what Normality is. Do you know what a loving marriage is like? Whats a good holiday feel like? How many good days have you had lately, or peaceful nights sleep? Are fear and anxiety in control of your mind? Is doubt ruler of your heart. The 948 are doing this all the time. They are masters at stealing your joy, peace, happiness. But they always give you something back in return. Its call trauma. Welcome to A Devils story as told to NormSo the 948, who are controlled by the prince of this world, know how to play the game. ... to be God himself on earth by erecting a living statue of himself in the holy temple in Jerusalem and forcing people to bow down and worship him.

Title:A Devils Story as told to Norm
Author:Norman Merritt
Publisher:Norman Merritt -


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