A Dictionary of Nursing

A Dictionary of Nursing

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This best-selling dictionary provides comprehensive coverage of the ever-expanding vocabulary of the nursing professions in an authoritative and accessible way. A must-have for all nurses, students of nursing, medical practitioners and professionals including midwives and health visitors.Elizabeth Martin, Tanya McFerran ... disease of the cerebellum. spastic g. a stiff shuffling walk in which the legs are held together. galact- (galacto-) combining form denoting 1. milk. ... 1. a breast cyst containing milk, caused by closure of a milk duct. ... Galliea#39;s operation [gal-iz] n. an operation in which strips of fascia taken from the thigh are used as suturing material to repair a hernia. [W. E. Gallie (1882-1959), Canadian surgeon] gallipot 196 gallipot [gal-i-pot] n. a small pot for holding.

Title:A Dictionary of Nursing
Author:Elizabeth Martin, Tanya McFerran
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2008-02-21


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