A Dictionary of the Bible: Volume II: (Part I: Feign -- Hyssop)

A Dictionary of the Bible: Volume II: (Part I: Feign -- Hyssop)

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For over a century the ten-volume Dictionary of the Bible has been the definitive reference. qIt is a Dictionary of the Old and New Testaments, together with the Old Testament Apocrypha, according to the Authorized and Revised English Versions, and with constant reference to the original tongues. ... Articles have been written on the names of all Persons and Places, on the Antiquities and Archaeology of the Bible, on its Ethnology, Geology, and Natural History, on Biblical Theology and Ethic, and even on the obsolete or archaic words occurring in the English Versions.q James Hastings (1852-1922) was a distinguished scholar and pastor. He was founder and editor of the Expository Times and is also well known for editing the Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, the Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels, and the Dictionary of the Apostolic Church.These are mentioned as a#39; mighty men of valour, famous men, heads of their fathersa#39; houses, a#39; of the half-tribe of Manaaseh dwelling E. of the Jordan ... We. regards the entire episode as of late fabrication (Prof. p. ... Hence Bosh 0a#39;) should be struck out and Ahiram substituted for Ehi (1ArX and also probably for Aharah ( rpq(f) (!

Title:A Dictionary of the Bible: Volume II: (Part I: Feign -- Hyssop)
Author:James Hastings
Publisher:The Minerva Group, Inc. - 2004-10-01


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