A Fine, Faithful Wife

A Fine, Faithful Wife

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Nell Prentice, a Boston private investigator with a love of the ancient classics, takes on the challenge of searching for a missing wife and mother. Kris Marcus was young and vibrant, and her husband Harry, older and more sedate, is having a difficult time convincing anyone, including the police, that Kris didn't leave her family willingly, in search of a more exciting life. Nell finds herself becoming fond of Harry Marcus and especially of his twin boys, even as she deals with the hopes and expectations of two friends who mean a great deal to her. Martha Hayes wants Nell to move on from the tragedy that took the life of Nell's husband, and police detective Tom Kramer wants to be the person with whom Nell returns to life. When conventional methods fail, Nell takes matters-not entirely legally-into her own hands, and finally learns who holds the secret of Kris's disappearance. She risks her life to wrap up the case, and in the process learns whether she is also ready to risk her heart.I pulled the book out, curled it slightly, and put it into my pack, along with the pry bar. I did not bother closing ... I set the hook at a slight angle, tested it several times against my weight, and cautiously swung out from the side of the building. Just as I did so, a storm of ... The doga#39;s racket turned into a woof or twoa€”Yes! Yes !a€”and her stubby tail began to wag. a€œYes!a€ I whispered. a€œTreats! All the ones you like.

Title:A Fine, Faithful Wife
Author:Susan Connelly
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-06


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